Silent Partner has a strong track record of customer satisfaction with many repeat customers and positive referrals. What stands out for consumers is Silent Partner's willingness to stand by the products and work through issues. Steve is always happy to help our customers find the best solution.

Here are a few of the kind words our customers have had to say on the Tennis Warehouse message boards:

"I have the old Silent Partner Lite and I love it. As a grown man with a full time job and a family, I sometimes go months without getting together with anyone to hit. The ball machine is great for when I suddenly have some spare time to jet over to the local courts at 9pm."


"Here is my Silent Partner Edge Star. I use it twice a week. I love it... If you want an easy wonderful way to practice your ground strokes....this is it. Take 15 minutes to set it and forget it. You are done adjusting forever. Get the remote and larger battery. Put it on the baseline, fill the hopper, walk to the opposite baseline, touch your remote and hit away! It is perfect for this application. You can bang forehands and backhands all day long. Sweep or stay in the same position. It is perfect for this."


"I own a SP Edge with regular battery and use it every week. I set it up and the whole family takes turns hitting and retrieving balls. Really enjoy this machine. It's a big hit on the local court."


"This set-up works extremely well with my SP Star Edge, delivering a consistent deep ball to the corner with loads of topspin. Set the ball feed to chuck another at you as soon as your ball hits the court and you are in for quite a workout. Even with the basic Edge you can work the settings to push a very good player around the court."


"I have the Quest machine so I cannot comment on the additional features of the Smart machine. However I have been completely satisfied with the Quest. In a nut shell it works as advertised. The balls are served consistently and the controls allow for fine tuning of the adjustments. I particularly like the memory features as I have 1 set for warm ups, 2 for narrow sweep medium speed, and 3 for full court oscillation.  I've used other machines and this one works better than any other and I would definitely recommend it."


"Silent Partner is famous for its great customer support, and Steve has always answered my questions promptly, so why not check it out directly? Email: sptennis@on.aibn.com phone 1-800-662-1809."