Which Machine is for Me

When considering which machine is right for you, it is important to consider 3 main factors. The first is whether or not having a remote control is essential to you. Having a remote control makes practices seamless, without having to go to the machine each time you want to change your type of shots. This also saves on balls being wasted as you walk over to the other side to stop the machine. To check out our machines that come with a remote control click here.

The second, is whether you want a battery powered, AC powered or ACDC powered machine. Battery powered machines are a bit heavier than AC powered machines but offer ultimate freedom. If your court has an outlet on it, the AC option may be right for you. AC means that you simply plug your machine into the court and play. This saves the weight of the battery in the machine. ACDC powered machines offer the choice to use either an outlet or a battery, giving you ultimate flexibility. Keep in mind that AC powered machines are more expensive than battery powered and ACDC powered machines are more expensive than AC powered.

The third factor to consider, is which features you require. We offer ball machines that start at basic features like topspin and backspin, all the way to random oscillation and full programmability.

"Having a remote control is not essential to me"

Then you should check out the Edge Lite and Edge Sport!

"I need a machine that plugs into the court"

Then you should check out the Edge Star, Scoop Rival, Scoop Quest and Scoop Smart! Click here to check them out.

"I want full flexibility. I need a machine that can run on either battery or use AC power"

Then you should check out the Edge Star, Scoop Quest and Scoop Smart! Click here to check them out.

"I don't need all the features, I'm mostly looking to drill and perfect my shots"

Then you should check out any of our Edge Series machines. These machines are our more basic models that will be happy to feed you shots all day! The base models offer topspin, backspin, and horizontal oscillation so you can practice your forehand and backhand all night! Click here to check out the Edge Series.

"I want all the features possible"

Then you should check out our Scoop Smart. This is the top of the line machine on the market with features like Match Play and Select a Drill. This sleek, powerful machine is everything you could ask for in a ball machine.

"My whole family will be taking turns using the machine so a long battery life is important"

Even our base models have a battery life of 2 hours, which can outlast most singles players. However, if you plan on taking turns with a number of team mates, consider our longer lasting machines like theĀ  Sport and Star which have up to 6 hours of battery life. Planning a play-athon? Check our the Quest and Smart with up to 8hrs of play.