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Benefits of a Ball Machine

There are a number of reasons to invest in a tennis ball machine. First, tennis ball machines provide a consistent shot so that you can benefit from repetition and really "groove" your strokes. Even the best teaching pro can't feed you the ball the exact same way each time. This is a must if you want to put a stroke into your DNA. You know you've made it when you become more consistent than the machine.

Machine Comparison

All Silent Partner Ball Machines are lightweight, compact and easy to transport. These are truly portable machines that can be easily wheeled to nearby courts or loaded into the trunk of a car.Further, all machines come with the highest speeds on the market. Standard in all models are necessary features for a productive practice like topsin, backspin, drives and lobs and a random oscillator to get you moving around the court.


Silent Partner has a strong track record of customer satisfaction with many repeat customers and positive referrals. What stands out for consumers is Silent Partner's willingness to stand by the products and work through issues. Steve is always helpful and looking for the best solution for customers.


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